A journey to meet Empress Jito

Japan HeritageMausoleum of Emperor Tenmu and Empress Jito

This is a joint mausoleum for Emperor Tenmu and Empress Jito. These two achieved their grand dream of building a formal nation with its own laws and codes, and here they rest side by side for eternity. According to the Aokino-sanryoki, a record of a survey made when this mausoleum was looted in 1235, the 7.5-meter long stone chamber contained a lacquered wooden coffin placed on top of a gilt-bronze platform, and a silver urn placed inside a gilt-bronze container. The coffin is believed to have been Emperor Tenmu’s, while the urn is thought to have contained the ashes of Empress Jito.


Noguchi, Asuka-mura
Take the Akakame bus and get off at Tenmu-Jito-ryo