A journey to meet Lady Nukata

Japan HeritageAsuka Mizuochi Site

This is where Empress Saimei’s son, Prince Nakano-oe, made Japan’s first water clock. It is believed that court proceedings, including Lady Nukata’s duties, followed a regularly timed schedule. The remains of a square foundation made of three to four layers of natural stone were found here. A pavilion stood on top of the foundation, which was surrounded by a moat-like ditch. In the center were lacquered wooden boxes placed on stone steps. Ditches and copper pipes used to convey water to the boxes were also found. Together, these findings suggested that this was once the site of an ancient water clock and its related structures. Such a clock would have allowed the general public to know the time of day.


Asuka, Asuka-mura
Take the Akakame bus and get off at Asuka