A journey to meet Lady Nukata

Japan HeritageKaguyama (Yamato Sanzan)

The three mountains of Kaguyama, Unebiyama, and Miminashiyama are celebrated in the Man’yoshu, Japan’s oldest anthology of poetry. They are also jointly designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty by the Japanese government. According to a myth recorded in the Fudoki—ancient annals describing Japan’s provincial culture, geography, and oral traditions—Kaguyama fell straight from the sky. Considered the most sacred of the three Yamato Sanzan mountains, Kaguyama is sometimes prefixed with Amano-, meaning “of the heavens.” Fujiwara Palace once stood in the middle of the plain connecting the surrounding Yamato Sanzan. From the Fujiwara Palace site, you can enjoy excellent views of all three mountains. The three Yamato mountains were mentioned in a poem supposedly alluding to a love triangle involving Prince Nakano-oe, Prince Oama, and Lady Nukata.


5 min. walk from Minamiura-cho stop on Community Bus