A journey to meet Empress Suiko

Japan HeritageMausoleum of Emperor Kinmei (Kinmei Tenno-ryo)

This is believed to be one of the resting places of Empress Suiko’s parents, Emperor Kinmei and his consort, Kitashi-hime. The remains of Emperor Kinmei and Kitashi-hime are hypothesized to be in a mausoleum at one of two locations: either at the Kinmei Tenno-ryo in Asuka or in the Maruyama Kofun tumulus in Kashihara. The Nihon Shoki, an ancient book of Japanese history, states that when Empress Suiko reburied her mother, she delivered a eulogy on the road at Karu (now Ogaru, Kashihara). But the book does not give the location of the mausoleum. So which is their final resting place? The truth lies buried deep inside the two mausoleums...


Hirata, Asuka-mura
8 min. walk from Kintetsu Asuka Station