A journey to meet Nun Zenshin-ni

Daikandaiji Temple Site

Daikandaiji was the largest of all the temples built in the Asuka and Fujiwara-kyo area. Although it was destroyed by fire before its completion, the temple is considered one of the five greatest temples of Asuka. A ritual was held here to pray for Emperor Tenmu’s recovery from illness in 686. The temple’s bonsho (large bell) was constructed during Empress Jito’s reign. And later, under Emperor Monmu’s reign, a nine-story pagoda and a main hall were added. Daikandaiji was a magnificent temple indeed, with its 9-meter-tall pagoda and spacious lecture hall.


Koyama, Asuka-mura
5 min. walk from Asuka Koyama stop on Akakame bus