A journey to meet Nun Zenshin-ni

Japan HeritageKawaradera Temple Site

Considered one of the five greatest temples of Asuka, Kawaradera was erected by Prince Nakano-oe for his deceased mother Empress Saimei on the former site of her Kawarano-miya Palace. A roofed passageway surrounded the west main hall and a pagoda. To the north was the central main hall, and further north the lecture hall. The unique layout of this temple exemplifies the Kawaradera-style garan (temple compound). Today, visitors can see the remains of the chumon gate and other structures. The foundation stones of the central main hall were made of white marble, and the roof tiles incorporated a lotus flower motif. In its time, Kawaradera was without doubt a majestic temple.


Kawahara, Asuka-mura
Take the Akakame bus and get off at Kawahara