A journey to meet Nun Zenshin-ni

Okadera Temple

Okadera is also known as Ryugaiji, a name derived from a legend that its founder, Priest Gien, trapped a dragon (ryu) inside a pond with the power of Buddhist law.
The date of its founding is unclear, but Gien is said to have founded it on the site of Oka palace, residence for Emperor Tenmu’s son Prince Kusakabe, who died young.
Tiles or pieces of foundation stone has been discovered from the Haruta Shrine, which is located in the western part of Oka-dera temple. These are estimated to be the original temple ruins of Oka-dera temple.
Its main icon, a Bodhisattva of compassion (Nyoirin Kannon), is the largest clay Buddhist statue in Japan, and regarded as one of the three great Japanese Buddha images.
In spring, 3,000 rhododendron flowers beautifuly bloom.


Entrance fee
Individual Adults/ University students 400 yen, high school students 300 yen, junior high school students 200 yen, and elementary school students are free.
Groups (50+ people)
Adults/ University students 320 yen, high school students 240 yen, junior high school students 160 yen, and elementary school students are free.
Open everyday except for special reasons.
March 1st 〜 November 30th: 8:00 am〜5:00 pm December 1st 〜 End of February: 8:00 am〜4:30 pm