A journey to meet Nun Zenshin-ni

Japan HeritageSakatadera Temple Site

Founded by Zenshin-ni’s father, Shiba Tatto, this nunnery was considered one of the five greatest temples of Asuka. According to the Nihon Shoki chronicles, this temple was built to house a 4.85-meter wooden Buddha statue and its attending bodhisattvas. During excavation, a pit was found to the northeast of the main hall and lecture hall. From this pit, objects such as mirrors, gold leaf, silk threads, copper coins, and crystal balls were unearthed. These are believed to have been buried here during construction of the temple to serve as ritual objects that would pacify the deities of the earth.


408 Sakada, Asuka-mura
15 min. walk from Ishibutai stop on Akakame bus